Tuesday, September 13, 2011


For some reason the buzz around the Spring '12 New York runways seems to be stronger than ever this year. Feelings of excitement and optimism mixed with strong confidence come to mind after reviewing the shows so far. Perhaps this is due to the fact that the fresh crop of young, energetic designers who were once rookies on the runways are growing into seasoned veterans and really coming into their own.

The youthful, cool energy these designers have brought to the New York Runway is still fresh and exciting as ever, but there is a feeling that this energy has really become a part of the DNA of  quintessential New York style. Every season Alexander Wang presents or dictates? his interpretation of "cool" for the season.  This season he's carried on with his sporty direction, using sports mesh, perforated leather and drawstrings. I particularly love his use of transparent details with peek-a-boo colour pops. The geometric almost tribal looking placement prints which were shown towards the end of the show are not what you may think at first glance. They are not acutally  tribal prints at all, but simplified diagrams of stadium seating plans, showing he has really carried out his concept in unexpected ways.


Joseph Altuzarra's collection reminded me a little of a more polished version of Wang's cool girl. He showed elements of sport influence as well, using sports mesh paired with chiffon, for a sophisticated twist. He also used perforated leather, like Wang and floral prints, however his being multicoloured and jungle inspired. Whether you prefer Wang or Altuzarra, or a little of both, you cool girls will certainly have a wide array of options next Spring.

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Through Jam's Eyes said...

I loooove Altuzarra.


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