Monday, February 28, 2011


Two of my best friends are roaming around Peru right now (needless to say, je suis tres jealouse). Coincidentally, lately i've had this obsession with anything that has a Peruvian Folk costume inspired look. I can't wait to see the girls' photos, but until then I'll leave you with these looks:

image: jak & jil

I'm obsesssed with this jacket courtesy of stockholm street style via obsessee

Sunday, February 27, 2011


I HEART the proenza fall 11 collection!

photo: Garance Dore

Some Songs for Today... Devendra Banhart

The video for my favourite Devendra Song - Carmensita
featuring his old flame Natalie Portman

Shocking! Devendra without facial hair! (hot)

Friday, February 25, 2011

* The Coveteur

Just a little news:
Everyone's new favourite website formerly called "The Coveted" is now called "The Coveteur."
I know they were having a legal dispute with this nice blog:, which apparently won.

So now to view more pictures of things to be jealous of, like these:

you will find them HERE.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

These Old Jeans: Levis x Opening Ceremony

Levi's jeans have always held a sentimental place in my heart. There is something comforting about old classic brands that seem to withstand the test of time. I feel the same way about classic white converse shoes and casio watches.

But back to Levis...Did I mention that i have a weekness for boys in Levi's jeans? but not those dorky husky fit jeans that your mom buys for you at Sears, No! I'm talking about those slim, but not too slim vintage wash,"not trying too hard," worn in jeans.

Boys and girls look equally as cool in them. I bought a pair of men's levi's last summer that i bleached and cut off into shorts, which are easily my favourite summer item.

The point of my story is that it was only a matter of time that Levi's paired up with "it" brand Opening Ceremony. Opening Ceremony projects that same effortless, understated cool that Levi's represents.

Check out some of the campaign photos shot by Terry Richardson:

All Photos: Levi's for Opening Ceremony

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Nouveau Vintage

A couple weekends ago something very tragic happened. I was visiting my family in Toronto and and all of my luggage was stolen. Inside my luggage: all of my favourite items of clothing and jewlery, the majority of which being vintage (ie. irreplaceable). I'm still getting over this incredible loss, however slowly I am trying to build a vintage collection. I wasn't so upset about losing the new items (except for the expence factor), the vintage pieces are the ones that i truly miss. I always feel sentimental towards great vintage pieces because finding them feels like a fateful meeting. They were the unique pieces that I would put on and instantly feel a little more "me." I was lucky enough to find a few great pieces this weekend, so i can slowly begin to rebuild (but not replace) what was lost.

Friday, February 18, 2011

The Curve of Forgotten Things

Gorgeous video from Rodarte. Although, its a bit creepy that Elle Fanning is only 12. Thoughts?
I want all of these fairytale clothes.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

New Painting

Listen! Yellow Ostrich

I'm into this band Yellow Ostrich lately.They have a similar sort of raw percussive energy as Tuneyards.
Check out a few songs below. And they'll be playing a live show at Casa Del Popolo March 5th. See you there!

A beautiful cover by Yellow Ostrich of an amazing song by one of the most talented songwriters of today Joanna Newsom.

Purple Potatoes!

I like root vegetables because they come in strange shapes and beautiful colours.

Yesterday I made a...

Beet Salad by cooking Beets, Sweet Potatoes and Purple Potatoes (my new obsession - so pretty!!) in boiling water until they were all tender. Then I let them cool and added some thinly sliced oranges ( just a little), olive oil, balsamic vinegar and maple syrop (just a little!). I topped it off with some freshly ground pepper, feta cheese and walnuts. It turned out to be pretty delicious, so I thought I'd recommend it to you all!

Today I made

Root Vegetable Fries by thinly slicing Sweet potatoes, purple potatoes and Parsnips (my fave!). I tossed them lightly in olive oil and placed everything so it was touching the baking sheet. I put them in the oven at 425 for about 20 minutes. I pulled them out of the oven and sprinkled them with sea salt, freshly ground pepper and some paprika (I love the word paprika).


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Paris Car Wash - "That's really couture."

Happy fashion week(s) everyone!
Thanks to my friend Soya Bean for showing me this video. My life will never be the same

Sunday, February 13, 2011

more on Luxirare

I wasn't done about Luxirare. The foood!! These are the types of things she eats, and documents every step of the way. I wouldn't mind her not at all...

All images: Luxirare

Quality Clothing & Cuisine - Luxirare

Alright, so there's this website (as i just mentioned below) called Luxirare. Its hard to really define Luxirare, but the manifesto states that it is a weekly webzine dedicated to clothing and cuisine. It also features an online shop which sells, you guessed it - luxurious and rare items as well as originally designed clothing. The philosophy behind the website and all of features is to focus on quality and timelessness. Its easy to brease by most fashion blogs these days, especially with the overwhelming number of them. But you might want to spend a little time on this one.

The latest project is what really caught my eye. The idea of the project was to create 5 different jackets and 5 different blouses for each day of the week. Everything was drafted, cut and sewn by the girl behind Luxirare....EVERYTHING! if you look at the meticulous detail and happen to know a bit about sewing, its absolutely mindblowing. She explains her process, where every detail and function has been considered, including the strength of the zippers.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Hand Ring

Oh how I love clever things like this. Especially when I would actually want to wear them too, not just that i think the concept is great. I think it would've been extra great if the hand ring was also wearing a hand ring. Anyway, this was found at my new obsession
More to come about this fantastic website shortly...

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

I Thought I Was Alone

Photo: Carlotta Manaigo

Photo: Bea Giacomo

Photo: Gilda baloisi

Photo: Peppe Tortora

Photo: Ray Potes

Photo: Jeremy Egry

Photo: Mirai Puvirenti



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