Friday, July 30, 2010

Listen! Perfume Genius

(click on the album cover to link to Perfume Genius' myspace)

I recently heard Perfume Genius' (aka Mike Hadreas') debut album "Learning," and was completly captivated by the raw and simplistic beauty in Hadreas' musical style. If I'd have to compare it to anything, I'd say that his voice reminds me of a more melancholy version Sufjan Stevens, however his style very unique at the same time.

Check out the title song "Learning", which was the first song that Hadreas ever wrote:

also, another of my favourites from the album is "No Problem":

sorry I can't remember where i found this, but please tell me if you know.

gorgeous illustration by Danny Roberts
(inside my brain)

Thursday, July 29, 2010

The adolescence of Johnnie Walker: coming to a stage near you

(click on the image for the full

Check out my awesome cousin Johnnie on the cover of Xtra! Pick up a copy and don't forget to go see Redheaded Stepchild at the Toronto Summerworks festival, August 7-15th at Factory Studio Theatre. (125 Bathurst Street)

Pensive Moments

Monday, July 26, 2010

"Crash Years" off of The New Pornographer's latest album - Together

and an old favourite from the band:

Dream Walking Society

all images from this beautiful blog (dream walking society)

As I mentioned earlier, I'm (very)slowly starting to gather some images for inspiration for a future fashion collection. I have no idea exactly where this collection is headed at this point, but hopefully I'll figure that out along the way. I've been skimping on the fashion posts lately, as I'm currently feeling less inspired by the runways and more inspired by other mediums. But definitely there will be more fashion to come soon!
This reminds me of my days at animation camp spending all week making claymations and ending up with a 30 second video. This one's slightly more elaborate. Also this is a really great song. Definitely check out more from Thao.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Nurses - Technicolor

Drama and Desire

I went to Check out the Drama and Desire exhibit at the AGO yesterday, and these were some of my favourites:

Jean Delville - Parsifal

Gaelona Previati - Paolo and Francesca

John SInger Sargent - Ellen Terry as Lady Macbeth

Eugene Delacroix - Lady macbeth Sleepwalking

Edgar Degas - Portrait of Mlle Fiocre

Best Before

some gorgeous shots on expired film


Oh Ryan Gosling...

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Dream Spaces

(the selby)


New York Minute

A creative and raw photoshoot taken on the streets of NYC for Russh magazine.
photos by Will Davidson courtesy of fashion gone rogue.


I've changed things around on here a little as you can tell. The main page still has all of the posts, but now the categories are also separated by the tabs. Those who just want music can listen without all the fashion, food and randomness and those who want to other topics can view them separately too! I'm so glad i finally figured out how to do this, so thank you to all those who take the time to post nerdy computer tips on the internet.

Ethereal Inspiration...

I'm in need of some inspiration for an upcoming fashion collection that still remains very very vague at the moment, but searching through interesting images always helps. I love Danny Robert's inspiration day boards on his blog igor & andre, which is where i found these images:

This last image lead me to more of Maggie Lochtenberg's beautiful photography:

these old shoes..

good song, and cute animation


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