Friday, January 13, 2012


Montreal's known for harsh winters, but goodtimes in spite of it all. Up until the past week it hadn't really felt like winter at all. I can't say that I this mild spell bothered me (except for the gloomy reminder of global warming of course). As a summer baby, I've never been fond of the snow (except for making snowmen). But now that its finally cold and snowy outside, I might as well bundle up in something nice!
Loving these new twists on old classics from Penfield:

source: Honestly WTF


I Can't get enough of the sounds of Nigerian singer Nneka. I posted one of her songs in my winter playlist. Click below to listen to more of my favourites!

Sunday, January 08, 2012


Happy New Year to all you lovely readers out there! I've been very behind in my blog posting these past couple of months mostly due to the fact that I've started a little mini business (more on that very soon).

Now my computer is on it's last legs, so I'm blogging from my old (and equally as crappy) computer. After many a broken down PC, its definitely time for me to make the switch to apple. Once that's sorted out I will tell you all about my exciting little project. But for now I leave you with some pretty images by Irene Suchocki. To purchase her prints click here.


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