Thursday, February 24, 2011

These Old Jeans: Levis x Opening Ceremony

Levi's jeans have always held a sentimental place in my heart. There is something comforting about old classic brands that seem to withstand the test of time. I feel the same way about classic white converse shoes and casio watches.

But back to Levis...Did I mention that i have a weekness for boys in Levi's jeans? but not those dorky husky fit jeans that your mom buys for you at Sears, No! I'm talking about those slim, but not too slim vintage wash,"not trying too hard," worn in jeans.

Boys and girls look equally as cool in them. I bought a pair of men's levi's last summer that i bleached and cut off into shorts, which are easily my favourite summer item.

The point of my story is that it was only a matter of time that Levi's paired up with "it" brand Opening Ceremony. Opening Ceremony projects that same effortless, understated cool that Levi's represents.

Check out some of the campaign photos shot by Terry Richardson:

All Photos: Levi's for Opening Ceremony

1 comment:

Christina Marie said...

Wow, what great photos! And check out those shoes in the third picture. Incredible!



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