Thursday, September 08, 2011

Selwyn by Dana Dallal

What happens when you go to fashion design school? Well you devote a lot a hours to painstakingly laborious sewing and pattern drafting and you also meet a bunch of ultra creative and talented friends. Dana Dallal is a good friend of mine who I've shared hours of madness with at the Ryerson University sewing labs. She then became a colleague of mine at our first "real job" at a fashion company here in Montreal until she moved on to bigger and better things in London, England. Dana has just launched her own jewlery company "Selwyn" named after one of the founders of the Century Guild of Artists, Selwyn Image. Selwyn was most famously known for his stained glass work but also co-edited the Guild's magazine "Hobby Horse," hailed as the first magazine to be entirely dedicated to design. Dallal wanted to dedicate her line to Selwyn,  whose contributions to the design world is often overlooked by historians.

The shop currently offers chain necklaces combined with fresh water pearls and bolt beads for the perfect mix between raw and industrial and pretty and polished. Many more styles will be posted soon so stay tuned! Click here to shop.

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beryl said...

wow that is so beautiful



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