Friday, June 03, 2011

On The Street! Laura J

This is my good friend and fellow blogger Laura J. She's always got a poppy fun look going on, usually with a pop of colour or a great novelty necklace. She's a mod girl at heart who looks to twiggy for fashion inspiration. She's even got a huge graphic mural on her wall of twiggy which she painted herself. Laura and I get along because we tend to share the same food cravings and same taste in super lame puns and jokes. We communicate telepathically most of the time.

If you're wondering about her socks, they're by Calgary based designer Adejoke Taiwo (you might remember her from Project Runway Canada). The socks along with the rest of her line are available here.
I bought 2 pairs also!

Check out her cool blog {Noeud Noir}

And Also, side note - I've got to get a real camera...iPhone really isn't cutting it.

1 comment:

{ lj } said...

ah thanks mc! glad to be apart of your street style feature! let's get some hamburgers, giant milkshakes and vegan coconut bacon lol, xo


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