Monday, May 30, 2011

Listen! Austra

I first saw Katie Stelmanis open for one of my favourite artists, Tuneyards about a year ago at Il Mortore in Montreal. I remember her really standing out as an opener and I definitely followed up and listened to some of her tracks after the show. Now, a year later, my friend Tanya invited me to go see a band called Austra play at Il Motore. Turns out Austra is Katie Stelmanis' new band, and they seem to be getting all kinds of buzz lately. I opened up my new issue of Nylon Magazine, and none other than Austra has a big page feature, and they even managed to make it on Vogue's summer playlist...not too shabby for a trio from Toronto (represent!). I have to say I was completely exhausted when I got to the show,and the band went on pretty late. But as soon as they started, I was completely mesmerized by their performance. Stelmanis' vocals were flawless and the whole show had this sort of dark trance-like hold over the audience. I got the album right after and have been listening non-stop since.

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