Sunday, May 29, 2011

Because one blog just isn't enough...

image - Melanie Cheung (me!) "Disarray"

I mentioned on here that I'm a fashion designer, but I also have drawn and painted for my whole life, and am now taking it a little more seriously. I currently have one of my paintings up for sale in my hometown, Toronto at The Elaine Fleck Gallery, and am planning on painting a lot more this summer. What better way to document my artistic endeavors than a blog solely devoted to my art and illustration? I will focus mostly on painting, fashion illustration and portraiture on this blog, but I'll also throw in any inspiring images and videos that i stumble upon. This blog is very much inspired by Danny Roberts (of Igor + Andre), who is one of my favourite fashion illustrators. Don't get me wrong, mode.mange.musique is still my first born child named inspiration, which i will continue to update on a very regular basis, but it was time for mmm to get a lovely little sister. If you like what you see, please become a follower there as well! So here she is, introducing:

sign of the seahorse

why the name? read here

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Simoana said...

That painting is fucking amazing!!! Is that the one you have for sale? I do hope it sells!!! It is definitely worth it!


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