Sunday, January 16, 2011

So i thought i could dance...

and now my everything hurts.

I just had an intense week of dance classes, trying to decide which studio to join. Montreal has some great adult dance classes for all levels. I tried modern contemporary at Ballet Divertimento, which offers a wide range of dance classes geared at adults with limited to extensive dance training. LADMMI has a great Intro to Contemporary Dance course for adults, which is at a beginner level, but still challenging to those who have a backgraound in dance. My favourite class was hip hop at Studio Sweatshop, where they offer everything fom hip hop to breaking to bboy/bgirl classes. Now I'm torn as to which studio I should actually join.

I've always been inspired by dance attire, but not so much the stage costumes as the warm up gear. I remember as a young ballet dancer, we'd go for tours of the professional dance companies. We'd see the ballerinas draped in leg warmers, cut off sweatshirts and some with just pieces of fabric artfully draped around them.With all of the Black Swan hype, I'm sure there will be a slew of dance inspired looks on the upcoming runways.

Warm up gear:

Some beautiful dance inspired fashion editorials:

source: threesixtwo

source: stylegroove

source: Lavendamemory

source: Jan Masny

source: Jan Masny

source: Jan Masny


{ lj } said...

im sure you heard already that the costumes in black swan were rodarte? thats a pretty sweet combo of dance/theatre and fashion...and i totally love dance warmup gear too... wayyy before it was cool at american apparel lol :)

MC said...

yeah, i only found this out after seeing the movie though! they were very beautiful so it makes sense. Too bad my ballet career only consisted of bluebird, squirrel and mayor of munchin land costumes!


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