Saturday, January 15, 2011

Blog of blogs - Une Parisienne a Montreal

A match made in heaven (but rarely seen together): Brunch and Fashion...these are a few of my favourite things. As a fellow food and fashion enthusiast, I can't contain my excitement for this blog - Une Parisienne a Montreal.
Laure seems to really share the same taste as me in terms of brunch. I definitely will use her blog as a guide for many brunches to come! check out some tasty pictures:

Fuschia - Epicerie Fleur 4050 Colonial.

This is the cutest little Epicerie. Often at brunch, a two piece band will play right at your table. Perfect for a snowy morning.

photo: Julia C. Vona

Brunch at Le Hachoir 4177 St Denis:
This is my new favourite spot for good food in Montreal. Specializing in fancy burgers, Hachoir has a trendy yet cozy atmosphere that could easily be mistaken for a New York hot spot. I have yet to try the brunch though, so that'll be on my to do list for next weekend!

Brunch at Mckiernan 2485 Notre Dame West: I'm not so familiar with this part of town, but this brunch looks too good, so I guess I'll get acquainted very soon.

Brunch at Laika 4040 Boul. St Laurent:
I've been to Laika a bunch of times for drinks at night, but never for brunch. This dish looks like a gourmet version of my favourite brunch from Senzala So I'll definitely have to compare.

For more great brunch suggestions check out Une Parisienne a Montreal.


LJ said...

aawww merci pour l'article! Je tiens juste à préciser que la photo du Hachoir est de Julia C. Vona :)

Laure -

MC said...

J'ai corrige le credit, merci!!


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