Friday, June 29, 2012

Listen! Mikhael Paskalev


Mikhael Paskalev is a Norwegian singer/songwriter who is based in Liverpool. His music reminds me of The Tallest Man on Earth with a bit more of a light-hearted vibe. When I first started blogging, I would for the most part only post about folk artists in the music section, even though I've always listened to a great mish-mash of genres. Now I've started showing more of that mix on the blog, but whenever I find a great folk singer or group I get super excited because that was the genre that really started my obsession with music, and I've always felt that folk music has been a little under-represented. So here's my newest favourite (also these videos are cute, and I can't help but laugh when i watch them because something about him channels Jack Black, no?):

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Amanda Chic said...

Nice outfit! :-)

A chic kiss ;-)


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