Friday, May 18, 2012

Listen! MS MR

I heard this song the other day and I felt this instant power boost. It's catchy and poppy, but still has a little dark depth thats necessary to not get completely sick of a song after the initial few listens. I read a little review on a fellow music blog called Pretty Much Amazing, which pointed out a sort of 90s vibe that girl/boy duo, MS MR give off in their music. I completely agree and I guess that's why I'm so into it. Lately I've been pure 90s nostalgia, maybe due to some sort of quarter life crisis, or maybe because enough time has passed that we can actually isolate definitive 90s styles. For me lately its been non-stop marathons of Beverly Hills 90210 and Twin Peaks. This summer I plan to pay fashion tribute to Brenda Walsh, Audrey Horne, Kelly Kapowski, Angela Chase, Rayanne Graffe and all of the other fictional 90s gems in between (more on that very soon!). While the 70s will always hold the most special place in my heart in terms of fashion and music, I think its time I revisit my roots. Calling all Jordan Catalanos!

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