Monday, August 01, 2011

Osheaga 2011

I'm currently recovering from a wild weekend of amazing music at the 2011 Osheaga Festival in Montreal. Montreal is full of fun festivals and activities all summer long, but this one is by far my & wild outfits, whats not to love? I have to say I'm a little bummed out now that its all over. The festival closed yesterday with an unbelievable psychedelic performance by The Flaming Lips. They truly put on one of the best live performances ever, equipped with wizard of oz characters, an onstage marriage, space bubbles and teletubbies. What I loved most is how positive and fun loving they are. The performance also reminded me of a much smaller scale act I saw at the jazz fest earlier in the month by Halifax's Rich Aucoin. Other highlights for me were a brilliant performance by my favourite band Beirut, Cypress Hill, Ohland, The Tragically Hip, Death From Above 1979, Sia, The Luyas, and Ratatat, to name a few.

The Flaming Lips' space bubble antics

Hippie Times with Bubbles
Candice and I: Roomies Taking in a little Frightened Rabbit

Lauren at The Luyas' set
Laura and Candice at Frightened Rabbit

Friendship at Osheaga (coming soon to an etsy store near you!)

Oh Land Onstage in her white sheet jumpsuit

Dandelion Heart at Osheaga

Day one at the festival, FASHION , my favourite Canadian magazine was there and shot us for their blog. 
This is me making a silly face.

This is Laura: Blogger, Fashion Designer and Graphic Designer. 

My Roomate Candice, the lovely Dandelion Heart, and Fashion Designer.

photos: Fashion Magazine



buenas fotos!

Through Jam's Eyes said...

beautiful, love osheaga festival!
eminem was great!!

beryl said...

stop-i am so jealous! that looks like so much fun.



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