Tuesday, August 02, 2011


Well folks, I've decided that managing two blogswas a little too much for me. While I loved my art and illustration blog, "Sign of the Seahorse," I've decided to stop posting there, and instead add an art+illustration section right here on my main blog. Hope you like it! 
(ps my blog is going through some growing pains at the moment, so my appologies if the layout is looking a little wonky)

 Naomi Campbell Water Colour + Pencil

Lindsay Wixon Water Colour + Pencil

Daphne Groenveld Water Colour + Pencil

These images were painted and owned by me (Melanie Cheung). Feel free to post them but please credit me :)


beryl said...

wow these are extremely beautiful, i would totally hang that naomi campbell one in my room. amazing

xx, theemeraldsun.blogspot.com

Nicole Holm said...

These are really lovely!


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