Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Listen! mode.mange.musique. 's Summer Playlist

Edie Campbell for Tank Magazine photo credit: Fashion Gone Rogue

Here is my summer playlist that I`ve compiled following no particular order or genre. Some old and some new, these are just some songs I happen to love and would like to share for the summer. Its quite a long list (sorry i got a little carried away) Enjoy!

(1) Crystal Fighters - At Home (Acoustic)

Crystal Fighters - At Home (Acoustic) - by Crystal Fighters

(2) Of Monsters and Men - Little Talks

Of Monsters And Men - 'Little Talks' by umoda

(3)Alexander Ebert - Truth

Alexander - Truth by the Good Badger

(4) Star Slinger - May I Walk With You

Star Slinger - May I Walk With You? by Star Slinger

(5) Phantogram - When I'm Small

Phantogram - When I m Small by Scootervonhooter

(6) New Villager - Rich Doors

New Villager - Rich Doors by Gluttony Is The New Black

(7) New Villager - Lighthouse

NewVillager - Lighthouse by Pulplab

(8) Cults - You Know What I Mean

Cults - You Know What I Mean by cultscultscults

(9) Cults - Go Outside

Cults - Go Outside by underhisempire2

(10) Tennis - Marathon

Tennis - Marathon by Vicente P

(11) Generationals - Faces in The Dark

Generationals - Faces In The Dark by sinansayat

(12) Generationals - Trust

Generationals - Trust by wking

(13) Foster The People - Houdini

Houdini by Foster The People

(14) Crystal Fighters - Follow

Follow by Crystal Fighters

(15) Luyas - When I am a Woman

Luyas, When I Am a Woman by dance yrself clean

(16) Die Antwoord - Rich Bitch

03 Die Antwoord - Rich Bitch by Austin Bonds

(17) Austra - The Choke

Austra - The Choke by brettnaul

(18) Architecture in Helskinki - Contact High

Contact High by Architecture In Helsinki

(19) Andy Bull - Dog (feat. Lisa Mitchell)

Andy Bull: Dog (feat. Lisa Mitchell) by -gaga

(20) Little Dragon - Feather

Feather by Little Dragon

(21) Braids - Lemonade

Braids - Lemonade by Drewtewksbury

(22) Zak! Downtown - Give me The World

Give Me The World [Prod. Sinima] by ZAK! Downtown

(23) Cocorosie - Lemonade
CocoRosie - Lemonade by subpop

(24) Love Inks - Blackeye

Love Inks - Blackeye by WorkItMedia


SlambTheJam said...

Um...YES, love all of these songs. Excellent music taste gurl!

Caroline Ergy Erg said...

I am really liking the look of that playlist :D i shall have to have a proper listen soon!! Super pretty photo too :)

Nicole Holm said...

Love this!


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