Monday, May 16, 2011

Danny Roberts Illustrations

I've been obsessing over Danny Roberts' Illustration style lately. I've been following his blog Igor + Andre for a while now, and i love the honesty in all of his posts. Through his drawings and anecdotes, you can tell that illustrstion and fashion are things that he's truly passionate about, and that the fame and success that have come with it are just side notes and not his reason for starting the blog. I also can't believe the incredible progression of his illustration style since he first started. It shows that hours and hours of practice truly does pay off.

I love this little illustration, especially the song lyric added in (from the song "Look Up" by Stars)

From his series on Love:

His blogger portrait series: can you spot your favourite bloggers?

All images: Igor + Andre

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antics of the moon said...

amazing illustrations! xo


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