Saturday, April 16, 2011

Music Festivalin'

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I'm extremely jealous of the lineup for Coachella this year, so much so that i couldn't bear to finish reading it. We have our own little music festival here in Montreal, and this year its going to run for 3 days instead of 2! Eminem is headlining, which I find hilarious...I can't say that I'm much of a fan anymore, but he could be entertaining. Some exciting acts on the lineup are: Beirut(!!), Sia, Bright Eyes, Death from Above 1979, Kid Cudi, Ratatat, Yoav, Braids, Smith Westerns...I'm sure some big names will be added closer to the date. The lineup so far doesn't sound as exciting as last year, but either way I love an outdoor summer festival. Above are some shots of stylish festival goers from GQ of last year's Osheaga.


La Mode En Rose said...

cool photo!
there's a giveaway at La Mode En Rose! I hope that you can join!

kisses from La Mode En Rose = )

welcometodeutschland said...

omg you are so lucky, i love most of those bands especially ratatat and bright eyes!


Simoana said...

Festivals!! Aargh awesomeness!!

We have many over here in Aus, but ours are more rock/altternative orientated, as I like it ;)

Mind you, I don't even know half the bands you spaks of :P But I do know Eminem and Kid Cudi are more hiphop/rap.
I don't mind Kid Cudi.

gotta love the atmosphere and outfits at these palces


miss rose said...

ahh couldn't agree more!

You should check out Glastonbury's line up. now that is truly upsetting that I can't be there!


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