Sunday, January 30, 2011

Osborn Shoes

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I have a tendency towards obsessing over folk-inspired anything. That's why when i found Osborn, I had a minor heart attack. I love everything that this brand represents. So much so that I'm wondering how I can get to Guatamala to be a part of this.

Brand Philosophy (from Osborn official website):

Our mission here at Osborn is to do good with good design. Osborn offers the marketplace a unique collection of handmade footwear cultivated with positivity, hope and dedication. Co-founder Aaron Osborn, whose family runs one of the largest orphanages in Guatemala, stumbled upon the idea for Osborn in 2007 when he met an out-of-work cobbler while doing charitable work in the country. He and co-founder, Carla Osborn, were searching for a way to combine humanitarian efforts with a fashion project. This search led to Osborn Shoes. That first cobbler still works with them full time, as do a small driven team of 30 gifted artisans. Nestled in the volcanic mountains outside Guatemala City, these artisans craft shoes in a manufacturing environment dedicated to integrity and quality. All the materials for each shoe are individually hand-cut and each shoe is assembled by hand. Osborn’s vertically integrated manufacturing practice establishes a work environment that is sweat-shop free, worker driven and brand focused. Each shoe is signed by its maker, as a testament to the sense of pride for the maker, as well as its wearer. With artistic freedom being key, Osborn operates outside the traditional bounds of fashion's seasons, completing many capsule collections throughout the year, each exploring different ideas, but always filled with the inspiration that drives our company: artistic grit, a folk-urban aura, playful unexpected associations, and of course, hardy craftsmanship.

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