Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Introducing the STRAWBLUCHER

Today at my work, two awesome ladies from the print team made a birthday cake that will forever go down in history. Thank you Sarah and Rebecca for allowing me to experience this once in a lifetime dessert, and congratulations for pulling off such an incredible culinary feat. Introducing the dessert of all desserts: The Strawblucher

This is the cake that they made for my friend Laura's birthday. At first glance it is impressive because it looks like a giant cake, but look closer and you'll realize that it's so much more!

This is the story of the Strawblucher. There are three layers of cake. Inside each layer of cake, there is a full pie baked in the middle. There are three different types of cake (lemon, chocolate and vanilla(??i think it was)) and three different types of pie(strawberry, blueberry and cherry) all made from scratch and all perfectly complimentary to one another. The layers are iced and stacked and then iced again. I think even the Epic Meal guys would be impressed by this cake. I only wish that everyone could be so lucky as I was to experience the Strawblucher.

The lovely bakers (my new heroes): Rebecca and Sarah

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