Thursday, October 28, 2010

Puces Pop!

So its been a while since I've actually posted anything beyond music videos. I don't want to be all "Hey guys, sorry for not posting for so long," because that would imply that someone is sitting around waiting for a blog post when really I started this thing simply because I often forget about things that I like, so its nice to keep track of inspiration in one place.

That being said, I would like to take a minute to thank those of you tuning in from places like Florida, Louisiana, New Jersey, California, Antwerp, Brussels, London, Seoul, Rome, Florence and a whole bunch of other cool places, especially Montreal and Toronto, even if it was just for a minute. Its pretty great and strange to be able to reach so many of these far away lands with just a click of a mouse. Much has happened over the month of September, some fun things like trips to Paris and freelance writing jobs, along with some not so fun things.

In Montreal, a fun thing that happened was a little festival called POP Montreal. POP Montreal is an annual music festival that happens at the end of September/Beginning of October. It was the first thing I experienced when I moved to this amazing city in October two years ago. Many now better known artists such as Blonde Redhead, Broken Social Scene, The Black Keys, Tegan and Sara, Patrick Watson, Antony and the Johnsons and my favourite, tUnE-YaRdS have all taken part in the festival. This year unfortunately, I missed most of the musical acts. However, the festival has expanded a great deal since it's start in 2002 and now includes other art related co-festivals such as KidsPOP ArtPOP, FilmPOP and Puces POP. The POP Montreal organization also continues all year long to promote great musical acts playing in Montreal after the festival is over. I checked out Puces Pop which was an exciting crafts and accessories expo. The expo showcased handmade jewlery, clothing, accessories and prints. I was inspired to see local artists making a living off of their craft. Many of the creators selling at the show are also Etsy Artists.

A friend of mine, Sabrina Chin was there selling her line Love at First Blush.
I have to say (not just because she's my friend), her booth was one of the nicest lookiing at the show. She makes all of these gorgeous leather accessories by hand. Check out the link above for her etsy store!

Photos: Love at First Blush - Sabrina Chin

I saw a whole bunch of other great lines at the show as well. These were my favourites:

La Raffinerie: a great little jewlery line by Julia Vallelunga. Her are sold all over Montreal in trendy little boutiques, as well as online at her etsy shop.

Audrey Cantwell: a local montreal designer. She was selling select pieces of clothing and her beautiful turbans at the expo. Check out her website for her full line.

Red Sofa: I was never really a dainty jewlery kind of a girl- no Tiffany's for me please. I think thats why i was drawn to the hard edge of Red Sofa's line. I could barely get a good look at their booth because it was so crowded, but I definitely want to pick up some of the branch-like rings as soon as i can. I also love the claws, and the paint tube! click here to check out more from Red Sofa.

Marianne Chenard - A local montreal artist, who makes these beautiful ceramic pieces. My favourite are the maple syrup jars.

LEILANNI - Check out Leilanni Todd's gorgeous accessory and clothing designs at her etsy shop. Click here to visit her cool blog.


Love At First Blush said...

Love the blog post Mel! Thank you for featuring our collection.

{ lj } said...

that's an awesome review...see now i gotta push to make it to the next puces pop in order to get a sweet review like that! its also really cool that included the etsy links cause now i can check out some of the designers pages that i missed during the show (or like you said couldnt see cause it was so crowded lol)


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