Sunday, August 08, 2010

Water & Oil

Fashion trends inevitably and often unintentionally echo social and political circumstances. However, deliberate social commentary through fashion are often shyed away from by major fashion companies in order to avoid controversy and uproars.

In Some cases, companies will purposefully launch controversial campaigns but mostly as publicity stunts rather than being fueled any actual political concern. Often when this happens serious issues tend to be ridiculed and glamorized through fashion rather than making any kind of profound statement. Just think back to Diesel's rediculous and in my opinion embarassing "Global Warming Ready" ads. Or trends such as "Dumpster Chic."

In light of this, I am refreshed (yet disturbed by the actual content) that Vogue Italia published this grotesque, creative and quite profound editorial commenting on the recent Gulf oil spill. While the images do possess a sort of haunting beauty, scenes of the models drowning in oil do not attempt glamourize the reality of the situation. This type of editorial would almost definitely never be published in American Vogue.

all images (fashion gone rogue)

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