Thursday, December 03, 2009


Ok, so I'm ready to talk about Tune-Yards.

My roomate Candice and I went to check out the Dirty Projectors show at Le National a couple weeks ago. Yeah they were very good, solid performance and blah blah. But what I really want to tell you about is the opening act Tune-Yards (aka Merrill Garbus and her guest performers). We got to the show and Tune-Yards had already started. All we heard was some high pitched recorder sounding instrument and some yelping and thought "Oh great, this is gonna be long..." I consider myself very open minded when hearing new music, and am always excited to hear something new, but overly experimental "noise" music can really get to me. However I was too quick to judge. Merrill's style consists of looping different noises and drum beats live and then playing over them with her little ukulele and singing and at times belting out in almost African chants. This was the best live performance I've seen all year. Everyone in the audience seemed to have the same sort of skepticism as me at the beginning, but once she got going, every single person in the room was dancing. The amount of energy that she brought to the stage was incredible. I recommend checking this band out, but you really can't even begin to understand the music until you see them live. I can't wait til the next show!

check out these videos for a taste:

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